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18/6/17 13:30
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Aka an explanation post in case someone stumbles upon this comm.

Machine Frontier is an RP inspired by ruins exploration and adventure games such as Grandia or the Mega Man Legends series. It is run using the STaRS (Simple Tabletop Roleplaying Game) system.

This comm exists for the purpose of holding all the OOC information as well as for "offtime" (not time critical) IC interaction between characters. Time critical parts (the actual adventures, fighting, etc) will be run through IRC.

This is not an open game nor really a DWRP as the term is widely used despite being hosted on Dreamwidth (and being a roleplaying game). If you want to join this and know me personally, ask me and we'll see what we can do. Otherwise we're not interested in new players.
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Player characters go here. The sheet format is, of course, WIP.
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